Wednesday, 6 April 2011

a PhotoStory trick - the one image movie

I was at Liverpool J.M.U. last Friday delivering a media enhanced learning workshop (see Whilst demonstrating using audio in PhotoStory I was asked if it is possible to incorporate multiple panning & zooming motion on a single image (e.g. it pans left to right and then back again before zooming right in on a portion of the image). I explained that you can only use one motion with each image ………… but was that correct?

This is an example of a one photo (©AJC) movie (i.e. using multiple motion) which I subsequently made with PhotoStory. There is music, but it only adds a bit of atmosphere.

OK - rather than explain it all in my words I'll give the link to a Microsoft page that has already documented the process (but I did figure it out myself - honest!)

There are lots of possibilities with this technique - that's up to you now!

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