Thursday, 25 November 2010

3 ways to embed an mp3 into your Blogger post

To embed MP3 songs in your Blog or website, you can enter the following Google Video Player wrapper code into the Edit Html view of the Edit Post window when making your new post.
You will need to replace MP3_FILE_URL with the actual web address of the MP3 file (either your own webspace or a file sharing host). If you insert the code correctly you will see a player in your blog which will magically play your audio. Click on the player above for an example.

HERE IS ANOTHER OPTION (using SoundCloud) If you upload your mp3 to can paste the embed code (which is generated for you) directly into your blog post. Note that SoundCloud also offers a facility for adding comments to the audio file.
STC-Love74-sample by alancarr

FINALLY, if all of this is too daunting, drop your audio file into MovieMaker or PhotoStory (along with at least one image) and create a wmv file - keep the size small - and upload the 'video' through the Blogger 'Add Video' tool. Maybe that's cheating - but it works!
See below for a PhotoStory 'video' of Emerald Park with 'A Higher Loss' - a track from their album 'For Tomorrow'. (photos (c)AJC - that's me!)

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  1. here is a useful PhotoStory tutorial (it's a pdf)

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